Wednesday, December 20, 2006

More Fun with the Craigslists

I've been trying to get in to the "lifestyle." But it's a lot harder to be a cuckold than you think.

Not a lot of women out there want to have sex with other men while you sit in the corner and masturbate.

But what I really want to say is it might just be time to stop responding to craigslist personal ads. What is this women not into? What sorta person needs to know all this about me right away? I'm a little creeped out by this.

Yeah, me.

Maybe I should hook up with hot michelle's fat cousin from poker and Texas hold-em night.
My mistress needs me to answer all this. You all know how I hate to be tagged. But if any of you are so inclined except the invitation.

"For each item, you need to provide two answers: For experience, write YES or NO next to each item to indicate if you have ever DONE that activity. Mark N/A if it does not apply to your gender. For willingness, indicate for each item how you feel about DOING that activity by rating it on a scale of NO or 0 to 5. "?" means you don't understand what the item is attempting to describe. NO means you will NOT do that item under any circumstances (a hard limit). 0 (zero) indicates you have utterly no desire to do that activity and don't like doing it (in fact, may loath it) and would ordinarily object to doing it, but you would permit the Dominant to do it if it they really wanted it. (sometimes called a "soft limit"). "

1 means you don't want to do or like to do this activity, but wouldn't object if it was asked of you. 2 means you are willing to do this activity, but it has no special appeal for you.
3 means you usually like doing this activity, at least on an irregular/ occasional basis.
4 means you like doing this activity, and would like to experience it on a regular basis.
5 means the activity is a wild turn-on for you, and you would like it as often as possible.

Mark with an asterisk (*) those items which you are willing to do only with your current sex partner(s), but not with casual play-partners. Note any additional information or nuances which might be important for your Dom to know in the margin to the right. For example under diapers you might wish to distinguish between "wetting" and "soiling". There is intentionally some overlap between categories. Unless otherwise stated, the Sub is the recipient/target of the activity.

Experience, Willingness Notes & Nuances yes/no, NO or 0-5

Anal sexAnal plugs (small)Anal plugs (large)Anal plug (public, under clothes)
Animal role AsphyxiationAuctioned for charityBall stretching Bathroom use controlBeastialityBeating (soft)Beating (hard)BlindfoldsBeing bittenbi-sexualityBoot worshipBondage (light)Bondage (heavy)Bondage (multi-day)Bondage (public, under clothing)BrandingBreath controlBrown showers (scat)BruisesCages (locked inside of)CaningCastration fantasy CatheterizationCattle prod (electrical toy)Cells/Closets (locked inside of)Chains Chauffeuring (driving)ChokingChores (domestic service) Clothespinscock cages Cock rings/straps Cock worshipCollars (worn in private)Collars (worn in public)Competitions (with other Subs)Cross-dressingCuffs (leather)Cuffs (metal)CuttingDiapers (wearing) Diapers (wetting) Diapers (soiling) DilationDildoes ElectricityEnemas (for cleansing)Enemas (retention/punishment)Erotic dance (for audience)Examinations (physical)Exercise (forced/required)Exhibitionism (friends)Exhibitionism (strangers)Eye contact restrictionsFace slappingFantasy abandonmentFantasy rapeFantasy gang-rapeFear (being scared) Fisting (anal)Fisting (vaginal) Following ordersFood play (cucumbers, sorbet...)Foot worshipForced dressingForced eatingForced homosexualityForced heterosexualityForced masturbationForced nudity (private)Forced nudity (around others)Forced servitudeForced smokingFull head hoodsGags (cloth)Gags (inflatable) Gags (phallic)Gags (rubber)Gags (tape)Gas masks Given away to another Dom (temp)Given away to another Dom (perm)Golden showersGun play Hairbrush spankingsHair pullingHand jobs (giving)Hand jobs (receiving)Harems (serving w/other subs)Harnessing (leather)Harnessing (rope)Having food chosen for youHaving clothing chosen for youHead (give fellatio/cunnilingus)Head (recv fellatio/cunnilingus)High heel wearingHigh heel worshipHomage with tongue (non-sexual)Hoods Hot oils (on genitals)Hot waxingHousework (doing)Human puppy dogHumiliation (private)Humiliation (public)HypnotismIce cubesImmobilization InjectionsInterrogationsintreracial KidnapingKneelingKnife play Leather clothingLeather restraintsLectures for misbehaviorLicking (non-sexual)Lingerie (wearing) Manicures (giving)Massage (giving)Medical scenesModeling for erotic photosMouth bitsMummificationName change (for scene)Name change (legal, permanent)Nipple clampsNipple rings (piercings)Nipple play/"torture" Nipple weightsOral/anal play (rimming)Over-the-knee spankingOrgasm denialOrgasm controlOutdoor scenesOutdoor sexPain (mild) Pain (medium)Pain (severe) Persona training (in scene)Personality modification (RL) Phone sex (serving Dom)Phone sex (serving Dom's friends)Phone sex (commercial provider)Piercing (temporary, play-pierce)Piercing (permanent)Plastic surgeryPrison scenesProstitution (public pretense)Prostitution (actual)Pony slavePublic exposurePunishment Scene Pussy/cock whippingPussy worshipRiding cropsRiding the "horse" (crotch torture)RitualsRestrictive rules on behaviorRubber/latex clothingRope body harnessSaran wrappingScarificationScratching - gettingScratching - givingSensory deprivationServingServing as artServing as ashtrayServing as furnitureServing as a maidServing as toilet (urine)Serving as toilet (feces)Serving as waitress/waiterServing orally (sexual)Serving other doms (supervised)Serving other doms (unsupervised)Sexual deprivation (short term)Sexual deprivation (long term)Shaving (body hair)Shaving (genital hair)Shaving (head hair)Skinny-dippingSleep deprivationSleepsacksSlutty clothing (private)Slutty clothing (public)Spandex clothingSpankingSpeech restrictions (when, what)Speculums (Anal) Standing in cornerStocksStraight jacketsStrap-on-dildos (sucking on)Strap-on-dildos (penetrated by)Strap-on-dildos (wearing)Strapping (full body beating)Suspension (upright)Suspension (inverted)Suspension (horizontal)Supplying new partners for DomSwallowing fecesSwallowing semenSwallowing urineSwapping (with one other couple)Swinging (multiple couples)Tampon Training (in ass) TattooingTeasingTENS Unit (electrical toy)Thumbcuffs (metal) Tickling UniformVerbal humiliationVibrator on genitalsViolet Wand (electrical toy)Voyeurism (watching others)Voyeurism (your Dom w/others)Video (watching others)Video (recordings of you)wathing (dom and partner)Water tortureWaxing (hair removal) Wearing symbolic jewelryWeight gain (forced)Weight loss (forced)WhippingWooden paddle--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Willingness quick-key: ? Don't understand this item. * I will do with current sex partner only. NO I WILL NOT DO that item under ANY circumstances (a hard limit). 0 No desire, don't like, will permit if special to Dom (a soft limit).
1 Don't want to do, but will.
2 Willing to do, but has no special appeal.
3 Usually LIKE doing, on an irregular/ occasional basis.
4 LIKE doing, would like it on a regular basis.
5 WILD TURN-ON, would like it as often as possible.


Jezebelsriot said...

Why are those so fucking tiny! I am too old to read print that small. I can't even tell if you answered any of those. I would guess you would be a hard yes on all questions though.

I always wanted to be a dominatrix, all that beating and humiliating grown men as they whimper on the floor, hoping I'll stop beating them. But then I thought how grossed out I would become about all men, believing they all enjoy to privately shit themselves while being whipped with a leather crop.

Romius T. said...

I didn't answer any of the questions, and don't you to know to go to view on your tool bar and select largerst so you can see the way I see the world.