Saturday, August 11, 2007

I talk to an ant.

I had a conversation with an Ant
who mistook me for god.

"Whatya doing?" I asked the ant.

The ant replied that he had a plan to walk the entire length of the Universe.

"Did you know that the Universe is big?" I asked the ant. "It's 300 billion light years across. It will take you three days past eternity to walk that far."

The ant thanked me for the information, and excused himself so he could continue on his journey. "Seems like I've got a ways to go." Chirped the ant.

As the ant crawled over my foot, I picked him up, and squeezed his head till it popped like a pimple.

"God doesn't like gumption in little people." I explained to the headless carcass smeared on my sock, "Not one bit at all."


evil spock said...

Evil Spock likes how you wield your godly powers.

Anonymous said...

Your computer has been broken too long.

I understand you don't have any money, but it won't cost you anything to go steal one for Christ's sake.

How incredibly inconsiderate of you.

DrugMonkey said...

I have to agree. From today's news:

"A man who blogs about his attraction to young girls but says he doesn’t touch them was arrested Monday near a university child care facility with a camera, police said.

Jack McClellan, 45, who is unemployed and lives out of his car, was arrested at 1:40 p.m. at the University of California, Los Angeles, campus police said in a statement."

So this guy is not only unemployed, but lives in his car, yet still manages to keep his blog current and have a full time hobby.

You are a serious underachiever Romius

Missy said...

You did that ant a favor.

new stalker said...

I liked this blog entry. It was cute. I've made it through a year's worth of archives. Will resume tomorrow. Stalking is hard work.

Romius T. said...

stalking is hard work and I appreciate all of it!