Friday, March 31, 2006

The Plot To Seize The White House.

What a fantastic find! I located a digitized version of the Jules Archer book about the Plot to overthrow FDR. This book has been on my wish list for years but is very expensive. A used copy runs at 299 dollars according to Amazon and collectible editions can run into the thousands. I figured I would never own a book like this. Luckily a "tinfoiler" conspiracy nut has placed it available to all.

If you are not familiar with the big buisness attempt at a coup d'eta go here to the good folks at Wiki or if you are really feeling up to it Daily Kos has a rather lengthy treatment. If I has still been working at my old job I would have prited out the two hundred pages or so, now I guess I will just have to suffer through the eye strain caused by the computer monitor.

The Plot To Seize The White House:

"I located and purchased a copy of this 1973 first and only printing of this book. It cost me hundreds of dollars. Since it is rare and unavailable, and since it documents an essential episode in American history, I have endeavored to digitize in HTML and Word.

I have run across a rumour or two stating that there are interests who would have this book suppressed. Therefore, I implore any of you who come across this posting to grab a copy of the HTML or Word document or both and stash it for safekeeping and post it yourself if you have a forum. Because I am in tinfoil hat mode here, I wish to see a viral replication of this book so that these unseen forces will be frustrated. And, yes, because I am in tinfoil hat mode I'm expecting some trouble. I will be more than happy to be wrong about that. I had heard that at least one other indie publisher re-published this book, but they no longer list it, either.

It is my and your public duty to make sure that the American people see just how close the United States came to becoming a Fascist state. It is also instructive to note the relationships between the power principals of that time (1933-34), and note how little things have changed. Government, media, banks, big business, and the military - it is a familiar tale. Vigilance is more important than ever."

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Happy Days ARe Here AGain

You know you have a bad life when you're sitting** at the greyhound bus terminal watching SMC infomercials on one of those Pay TV's thinking to yourself "If SMC suggested retail price is 300% above cost and Tom Bosley is making a fortune, I'll just charge 800% and make a freaking fortune!

**I wasn't even going anywhere.***

*** That was just random.


I have just been informed by council that pyramid schemes are illegal, shame on you Tom Bosley, shame on you.

"Girls are always waiting on some "magic" plan that a guy is supposed to have to keep them from having to watch reruns of Happy Days.

I think it comes from staring at Unicorn Posters as a kid. One thing I will never allow in my house , around or near a future daughter of mine is posters of Unicorns or Leprechauns. But there will be plenty of old DVD's of Happy Days. Fonzie was pretty cool. And a girl could do worse than end up with a solid citizen like Richie. I know Ralph the Mouth was annoying, but he was insecure and he had a good heart. Potsie would have been real fun at Karaoke!" $$$$

But not as "Random" as that, huh??--@@@@

@@@@-Part of an actual email I sent to a girl, is it any wonder that I have not been laid this year?

# of Leprechauns jokes I have told in the past 24 hours......4

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Larry King is Dead!

Well his blog that is. Many people have e-mailed or called or otherwise have voiced their consternation over this fact. Good news, Larry will join Bathos and continue to bloviate when inspired!

And now a very personal message to all my

"Sorry folks I have been busy fucking more bitches than most of you can view on the dial-up (internets) -porn."


Monday, March 13, 2006

For Foxxxylove-"Trapped in a closet."

3quarksdaily is a curious blog. It's typical post is on semantics, string theory and such. But today's post is far more interesting, as it deals with pedophilia, urination, hip-hop, and the artist known as R. Kelly.

This post will appeal only to one person in the world, my dear foxxylove, who should avoid sending her bazillion readers on this journey as the thrust of the argument avoids any popular appeal.

It begins delightfully enough with a "slam" against R & B "my sister has a soft spot for R&B, but it always struck me as the honey dripper bullshit that Chuck D once proclaimed it to be. I took it that if you appreciated the crisp diction and streety rawness of hip hop you were honor bound, as it were, to thumb your nose at R&B and the endless sloppy crooning of it all. "

That and "fuck the PO-lice" are the two comments that Chuck D will be remembered for.

But then something inexplicable happens:

"That was before I saw Trapped in the Closet, which broke me down and rearranged me as a man. There is no way to describe Trapped in the Closet properly. ItÂ’s a long R&B song. ItÂ’s some kind of opera/soap opera/TV drama. It bears some vague genetic resemblance to the Hip Hoperas of the brilliant Prince Paul from a few years back. ItÂ’s sort of like a music video."

I must confess my only previous knowledge of "In the Closet" is the brilliant South Park send up, so Quarks comments stunned me. But don't worry if you were waitinging anxiously to hear about the syntaxical moment found in R& B wait no further:

"Indeed, it was while watching Trapped in the Closet for the eighth or ninth time [that he comes to the belief that] basically, that semantics gets you nowhere. Meaning comes out of the arrangement of words, not out of the individual meanings of individual words. There's a perfectly respectable school for this type of meaning holism among philosophers of language, but it somehow seemed more impressive coming from someone who'd gotten there solely in long, dark nights labors with impenetrable sentences in Tacitus that suddenly revealed themselves as if in a magical flash. Syntax is like that, he said, like some weird kind of magic with language."

Oh, there is much more, go read.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Who said it could rain?

143 Days. A promise from SATAN. This all bullshit. My Volvo is floating in more water than a Fat Tuesday's left over float in New Orleans.

I wake at 4 am to find water falling out of the sky. I thought it just came out of the pipes in my shower. I am not sure about all this wet stuff, but I hear it's actually snowing in Scottsdale.

It took me 3 attempts at taping plastic garbage bags to the outside before I came up placing it in the door well and shutting the door to keep the rain out. That solution came at 2pm and after a very unrestful sleep.


Friday, March 10, 2006

It's nice to know that in this day and age of refusing to allow Arabs controll of our ports, the good people of America will still give Osama Bin Laden's neice a reality show.

The Superficial breaks the story!

“I understand that when people hear my last name, they have preconceived notions, but I was born an American and I love my country,” Dufour said in a statement from ReganMedia announcing the deal to develop a reality TV series.

“Her story will bridge the gap that people feel exists between the cultures she has lived in,” ReganMedia President Judith Regan said.

I am not sure what all that meant, I've just been staring at her pot belly, Iyeeee ... my goodness that's hot!

I can't find my previous post on Osama's Neice, but what can I say Google sucks, so here are a few more pics of some Hot Terrorist ASS!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Keeping it real at the Quick Stop Mart.

Apparently "Keeping it real" includes requesting confirmation that the busiest Quick Stop Mart in the area takes EBT cards.

"Yo, does this take EBT, man?" inquired the the scruffy Latino to the convenience store clerk.

In fact it did, and Mr. Smelly Homeless guy could indeed purchase his 32 ounce fountain soda (I thinks we all know Quick-Trip has the best fountain sodas in the biz! Fuck they are guaranteed!) along with his 99 cent bag of Doritos.

"I am just keeping it real, man!"

I am not certain what compelled the young man to peer behind him and inform me about his intentions, I must have one of those faces that when looked upon one feels instantly compelled to tell me shit I just don't give a damn about.

Hey I am as glad as anyone that you are able to purchase snacks with your Food Stamps from gas stations. In the future, you should realize that Quick-Trip charges the same for a 44 ounce drink as for the 32 ounce size. Since you are homeless you're not really in a position to not econo"mize", when you think about it.... Are the grab sized potato chips worth it? I say get the full-sized bag for $2.99.

On a Second note: It hasn't rained in a 142 days. Probably because I struck a deal with Satan to keep it dry until the Frenchies "apol-o-gize" and fix my window they broke.

I don't give a shit about all the fucking farmers I am fucking over. If they gave a shit about their crops they'd fork over the 175 bucks to get my smashed window fixed. Till then it's the Dustbowl for all you bitches.


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

She's Dead,... Jim

I have always felt jipped by the ending of Superman when SuperMan flies around the globe fast enough to turn back time and save Lois Lane. Well, I guess since he's not around we should not expect anything in the miracles department for his wife.

Meanwhile we can pass the time hoping a video will surface showing that Italian infant with epilepsy without his meds. Even the Pope thinks babies with epilepsy is funny.

Wait that's not true, Pope just thinks the baby's got the spirit in 'em!

Card Shark Makes a Blog

Very soon (perhaps today) I will help the Card Shark Make a blog. As for my other activities, I can't tell you about 'em. Let's just say I am working on a little campaign over at the "Pentagon" called Total Information Awareness.

Also in charege of building a few prisons to house the latest seditionists. It's a busy job, but the King has been too busy shooting people in the face to give any of these projects his personal touch, (so guess who gets the overtime?)

Anyhoo...I am sure I will post real soon.