Saturday, January 22, 2005

How to become a Sociopath in Six Easy Steps.

Nietzsche proclaimed an end to the era of religion when he shouted forth "God is DEAD". Thus with Promethean force we are delivered; hither to, where all is permitted, the realm of anxious freedom.

From this lacuna arose that great religion of the industrial masses, Marxism. Now with the passing of another great illusion and with it the end of history- the death of the proletatriat, we come to see the extinction of the negation of the negation.

It can only be at the precise moment in our history when we lack a world subject, a mover of movers, that our anxiety can re-awake. Not within the foolish phenomenon of choices we have constructed for ourselves. Regarding that: we ourselves have no more authenticity than our commodities.

Man does not create a self by "choosing" under the anxious umbrella of freedom. Rather man secures but a stillted, numbed reality. Only a brief respite from the fragmentation conveyed by post modern society. A quiet from the dizziness of choice.

One should now visit the 14 signs you are a serial killer.

Friday, January 21, 2005

I need to quit pissing in water bottles.

I just can't seem to make it to the bathroom lately. Pouring my piss from water bottles into the toilet is such fun! Why go to the toilet on your bodies schedule, take charge of your life--pee in water bottles.

Better news, the Misanthropic portion of this weblog is about to get it's groove back. It's not that I have decided to become immoral, but amoral.

I guess I could care about doing the right thing. But I 'm not gonna.

I am beyond m o r a l I t y !

I am beyond philosophy or it's need for justification. As the great Moore once said "the point is to change world."

There are a number of varied paths that one can use to respond to out culture. The sociopathic one just seems the best at this time for me.

As I have hinted at before , I see no need to kowtow to the interests of those above who would have me slide into mediocrity. Gamely chasing raises and hard work into a three bedroom house stocked full of Disney DVD's.

Will I cheat... steal...kill... for power? Only when needed. Even in the jungle, where only the fittest survive, the lion makes no enemy of the elephant.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Craigslists post

This is just too funny:

Women have descriptions like thick, bbw, etc. Men have descriptors like paunchy and beer gut. I have a little less hair than you would like [ I am not bald, just balding-meaning one day I will be bald] , a little more weight than you want[I'm not a fat guy], don't have a job [I had one for 4 years before] and I am sure I will get another , unless you can support us. But I am super funny , sweet and sensitive. Doesn't inside beauty count?

You should be really skinny or at least good looking. Possibly wealthy. I like my women younger than me unless you are sitting on a wad of money and still have a scroggable bod. Please don't berate me - I know I have my faults, no one's perfect. And yes I am a dreamer [or slacker if you will] but 1% of all slackers and dreamers are actually men of genius, [No offense to the Irate Savant I hope!] who knows maybe I am.[ and yes I speak often parenthetically-perhaps too often]

your pic gets my pic

Ps.Ok I wrote it , but damn no takers so far. Hmmm

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I hate warm breadsticks

I hate warm breasticks. I hate companies that offer up "all you can eat" warm breadsticks like it's some kind of extra. Cheap fuckers. What happened to real bread? Fuck you Olive Garden, fuck you Fazzoli's.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Everybody loves Raymond the Rapist

In a recent repeat episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond " the
titled character engages in behavior only a fervent mysoginist could describe as anything other than that of spousal rape.

The episode portrays Raymond as having an anxiety "episode" over tricking his wife into allowing him to play more golf. In turn, his Catholic guilt wears upon him and Ray runs home to confess his sin.

But just before he can confess his sin to his (typically) sexless wife, she offers up "the goods." Raymond, barely able to contain himself, takes only a small pause before bounding up the stairs and consummating the marital act.

Raymond's character, with full knowledge that his confession would have resulted in not getting sex, omits the confession in order to partake of the carnal fruits of his "hot wife." That was the ready made excuse when Ray was finally confronted with this despicable act. "Sorry hon, your just so hot!"

The writers of the show are so obviously conflicted by their actions that they provide another alibi for Ray's conduct, when it is explained that the only reason the heretofore chaste wife "puts out" is upon the request of her mother-in-law.

I am just curious what the female readership of this blog thinks about a major network and sitcom star's ideas on martial relations. I guess for TV and probably most Americans there is no such thing as rape if your married.

Monday, January 03, 2005

McDonald's changed their chicken nuggets

You don't know this, but the secret receipe to the world famous McDonald's Chicken Nuggets has been changed. They are no longer made with Dark meat. Suculent dark mea,t ground from negroids into nicely formed patties and deep fried in buckets of oil.

No, no, they have to be made by harvesting the stem cells of aborted white kids in Appalachia.

Do dark meat chicken nuggets have bigger penises?
That's just a stupid myth , perpetuated by my ex-who could answer the question for you herself, if she could get the words out of a mouth that is currently stuffed with Dark nugget penis.

A chicken ? Sex interlude...part 5 A Fresh EGGsample

Chicken 1
"Remember how we met?"

Chicken 2
"Yea, I was a cuckolded husband and your were a dominachick."

Chicken 1
"And, I wanted to suck your tiny cock."

Chicken 2
"And I just wanted to come in your mouth."

Chicken 1 (laughs)
"And you didn't even warn me. Now all we do is missionary sex with each other , but it's great."