Saturday, December 12, 2009

I should use this blog for something

My Dumps:

I took a massive stinky dump at midnight.  Shit stinks, but the smell from my dump worried me.  It was the smell of cancer or sickness.  I took another dump earlier today.  Though that dump was small.  Not even perfunctory.   Just like the eraser tip from a pencil.  More annoying than anything.  The big dump was gray.  Better than the black dumps I have had for the last week or more.

Media Consumption:

I watched the Daily Show.  Two episodes.  I listened to Twilight on the Env3.  Book 1 parts 4 and 5.   I watched the final 20 minutes of Law Abiding Citizen.  I watched Full Moon the movie.  Am I turning into a 16 year old girl?  How the fuck does Twilight part 2 end with a marriage proposal.  I was like "get the fuck out of here!"  I know Bella will say yes.  I am sure of it!


My back hurts.  My liver hurts.  My liver pain may only be back pain, but you never know.  The pain in the liver comes on the lower left hand side of my back.  I think I need a new bed.  The back pain is worse because of it.  I think my testicles have something growing in them. Whatever it is, it is getting bigger. 


I did not masturbate today. 

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Paul Wynn said...

Your tell all site as I was reading it was too much info, nonetheless it made me laugh. Love the ninja shootin monkey.