Friday, July 28, 2006

An update that stays away from updating...

I studiously avoid broadcasting the "what I am reading now" link on my AIM or myspace.

That's because it's none of your damn business what kind of porn I like. Certainly, I know you can't be interested in knowing how many times a day I download a new video from my favorite pregnancy fetish sites.

I may be in danger of just repeating myself, but this article by Josh Greene about one of today's most important moral dilemmas is well worth the read.

Not only have the lactation videos been keeping me busy, but I am reading Josh's dissertation. It's in PDF format here! I am on page 33. I can call him Josh because that's how he signs his e-mails to me. I told him "I blog about philosophy sometimes" and "plan a treatment of your article as well."

I just hope he doesn't google himself and then end up at this site and wonder "why all the stuff about porn?" Mr. Greene, you may be a 'Harvard grad' and a Ph.D, but as a blogger I know the only way to get hits on a site is to load it with key words like *big tits * and* Britney Spears Naked * porn*

See? I just made him famous!


Jezebelsriot said...

*Shudder* Pregnancy thoroughly freaks me out. You realize you're jerkin it to a little PERSON in there? A person! And that person is going to tear through that poor woman's vagina like a scene from Alien? It just ain't right

romiustexis said...

You mean therer are tiny leprechauns in a preggo's tummy?

Gross man , gross. I just thought it was a pot belly, and we all know how sexy pot bellies are. Ask that french chick in Pulp Fiction!

Jezebelsriot said...

Now pot bellies I can do, those are sexy. Swollen ankled incubators eating pickles on ice cream suddenly afraid of the entire world, not my thing.

How's that FL weather? It's over 105 in St. Louis.