Sunday, June 08, 2008

I give you Erin o Brien "On rejection"

The above video is Erin O Brien, the sister of one of my favorite writers, John O Brien. Erin came to my attention because she published the last two novels written by her brother. John O' Brien committed suicide after he wrote Leaving Las Vegas which was made into a movie that won several Academy Awards.

Erin writes and also has a video blog. She does not update the video blog often, but when she does she is very brave with her emotions regarding her career and (lack of ?) success. Mostly the vlog seems to be about rejection and the hard work of writing. I admire anyone who puts so much work into her writing.

I can identify with some of her emotional histrionics you see in her videos regarding critiques of her work. She is a bit defensive. Too much so. And some of the video and interviews I have read of her are almost funny because of that.

I got interested in reading more about Erin after reading Stripper Lessons by John O Brien. Stripper Lessons is one of my favorite books. I whole heatedly recommend it to you. I was doing a book search for other titles by O Brien when I noticed that the one title by O Brien that I had not read The Assault on Tony's was available for free reading on Google Book Search. All you bloggers will want to watch the video and check out her blog.

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