Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I get hate mail from a cop

I don't usually get a lot of hate mail. In fact I get none. Which when you think about is kinda strange as I often try to write things that creep people out. Like my Internet G/F says "I am a provocateur." I couldn't say that myself without sounding a little full of it, so I let her say it for me.

But recently I got 3 pieces of hate mail. All at once. It all started after some cop read my "I hate cops" post. I guess he got offended, because he brought up how I never graduated from high school. He writes:

"I'm so cool because i follow the crowd of drop outs who have no future and blame society and "the police" for me not getting my way" "I really wish i had a father figure growing up"

This guy totally "gets" me. I like it when that happens. Also, nothing says cool like being a drop out. But my dad is gonna get pissed when he reads this. In my daddy's defense (it is father's day y'all) he was a "figure" if by figure you mean a absentee drunk who told me I would never amount to anything and I should not try, and if I did try and fail I could always blame the police and join the communist party.

"No respect what so ever..if you only knew the things we go through so you can live a happy life. seriously, without us you would be dead kid. you're just an ungreatful little prick is's ok though we are used to it. oh and by the way...donut jokes are so 1950' 5'9 225 lbs with about 4.5% body fat and I bench over 315. seriously get a clue and stop following the "omg cops like donuts...har har" crowd."*

This guys sounds so hot! And just think. Without him I'd be dead.

"your a dumbass i hope you get your face shot off and die punk ass"

Oh, well. I guess there goes his whole I am better than you because I save you. I am pretty sure he just threatened me. I think the guy should be put in jail. I bet he knows what they do to ex-cops in jail too.

Just goes to show you that cops are bullies. They don't really believe any of that crap about protecting the innocent, or defending my right to free speech. They like eating donuts. They like cars with flashing lights. They like big guns. I am sure all his gun talk has nothing to do with how his tiny man tool can't satisfy.

*it should be noted that all the misspellings are his. cops don't spellcheck. spellcheck is for fags.


Freida Bee said...

How had I not previously read this? Dude, you're so gonna get cop stalked. Maybe when cop #3 shows us to shoot your ass, cop #2 will be there to save your ass just so he can say he told you so. That's your best possible scenario.

Romius T. said...

I think they were the same guy. U have no excuse for not reading me as soon as I post damn it!!