Monday, November 03, 2008

Fat chicks get more sex than you

I don't get a lot of credit for the stuff I do. Like when I went and got myself a new phone from Verizon I don't think I got a shout out from anyone telling me how amazed they were that my credit wasn't as bad as you assume it to be, because a wireless carrier actually gave me a phone and a 2 year contract.

Another thing, I get comments all the time telling me that I don't post enough even though those people rarely read all three of my blogs, much less subscribe to the podcast on I-tunes. When you add up all the extra posts I have on Bathos it is just like I post once a day at the Self Help Center. I won't mention that you should be taking the time to read all my links and archival material. I believe I was the guy who trade marked the term "incomparable archives." I know you guys hate reading more than you have to but if you see a link to another part of this blog you really need to read it. My link to why fat chicks love sex is more scientific than the article you will read in the mainstream press.


Anybody who follows this blog knew fat chicks are horny. But now you don't have to take my word for it. Now there is scientific proof that fat chicks love sex more than normal sized girls, and in addition they have much more sex than average sized girls.

I know this is only good news for you since you have such a hard time getting laid with regular sized girls, so you might as well give up on them and try for the sure thing that a box of little debbies and a 12 pack of Icehouse beer will get you, and by get you, I mean sloppy vag.

I don't care how clean a fat chick is you know she has a sloppy pussy. I think that is because her lubrication juices are constantly running. I think I have made the whole "fat chicks squeal like pigs when you insert your penis in them joke" so I won't bother using it again here. But fat chicks do love insertion more than other chicks. I think that's what makes having sex with fat chicks so much fun. Fat chicks don't get all "clitoral" on you and only a chump virgin like you could go and misinterpret that as desperation. When all it really is, is god's plan.

A lot of guys will tell you that they enjoy sex with fat chicks because they are grateful for the dick that you give them. I think that is a very offensive statement, but importantly it is also a false statement.

Fat girls get as much sex as they want. Most guys will sleep with a fat chick even if it is just for the night. And we can't forget how black men love big women. I know it is true that white guys don't like a big ass or a large sized woman, but we white guys take what we can get sometimes and because we are all hornier than women in general white guys always find themselves hitting on the fat girl in the corner of the bar by herself.


Anonymous said...

I'm been a fat chick,I've been a thin chick. I've been neither fat nor thin. I guess I need to do my own study.

You have good credit? Want to get married?

Romius T. said...


i have terrible credit and somehow got lucky to get a contract with the one provider i have not screwed over!