Sunday, April 11, 2010

I need to get a PO Box so you can send me drugs through the mail. I hear that is totally safe.

After 3 weeks of coughing out phlegm I think that the bacteria have finally surrendered, or at least they have figured out a way to peacefully co-exist within my lungs.  Either way I am happy.  I am done coughing up and spitting mucus into a paper towel or giant noogies on the street.

I've alway found the practice of hocking up mucus to be disgusting- even when I am amazed by the strength and power some men demonstrate when they engage in the practice.

It seems to me that those men are not at all bothered by such a practice and it also seem that those men always have girl friends so it may be the case that I am doing it all wrong and they best way to attract women is to spit something up on the asphalt.

Let me know ladies.*

*your response can't be that yo find the habit disgusting.  you need to address the fact that all these men have gf's and I don't.  otherwise you two cents ain't worth one.

If you read my other blog (and you also read this blog) then you might want to get a real hobby like taking PCP.

Like I said if you read the other blog (who reads this one?) then you might have gotten the impression that I am calm motherfucker on PCP.

That's not exactly true.

I'm a fucking maniac.  I can't even describe what the fuck happened last time I was on it.  Let's just say I participated in a number of felonies.

Don't do PCP with your crazy crack head gf.  She will want to use the kid she pooped out as fodder for comic relief.  And two year olds are not very good at running even from people on PCP.

"Don't worry Bobby, I'm not on PCP anymore."

The kid will fucking believe you know matter how many times you lie to him.

Really, I mean two year old's are almost clinically retarded.

In a side note finding PCP and E is really difficult right now.  Damn near impossible.  If you can (and it's legal) send me some to my PO BOX.  You'd really be helping a mother fucker out.


I'm going to a rave this Saturday.  Hopefully I will grab a lot of crotch!  I hear chicks go to raves and don't take anything because all the E takers are all love and dovey and not aggressive jerks like most guys who drink. 

They have no idea that I get horny as shit on E and I get all crazy intense with my ASS GRABBIN' (registered trademark of the ASS GRABBIN Halloween Costume Company).

Pretty sure I'll get away with it, but we will see.


Really bad insomnia for the last month.  Also headaches.  I wonder if my brain hurts from all the experimenting I'm doing.

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