Monday, September 27, 2004

Strippers,hookers, and fun!

I lost my ID the other day, so someone is parading around town as the big time loser that I am.

Decided to leave the house for a change, so of course the first bar I went into carded me despite my obvious age.

Eventually I did end up in a bar that would serve me. The Bikini Lounge.

At The Bikini Lounge the women don't get naked, but they do give $5 table dances. I met and fell in love for life with, Jasmine. Jasmine eventually gave her number out to my friend because as he said "I engaged her in conversation."

Good news though, I was promised that I could have sex with her on their wedding night.

You would think that would be enough fun for a night, but my friend felt the need to cruise down hooker alley.

One of our favorite games it to shout out "Hooka" to the hookers. Many look at us as if they had just come to the realization that they are indeed hookers with our help. Maybe we are making a difference. I think we may have saved that girl's life, though I think we actually hurt her feelings.

Now while cruising hooka alley we also came upon a couple of "sisters" who appeared to be drinking 40's from a bag, and having a good time. We stopped by, and one of them wanted to jump in with us. We were not sure if she was a hooker, but we let her in the front seat anyways (that's right I was forced to the backseat.)

In our attempts to engage her in conversation.."So what's your name?" All we could get out of her was " Oh, My god!" She must have repeated this like 36 times and she kept insisting on smelling our hair.

Because she was a sister my friend argued against "taking advantage of her."
I was slightly pissed about that. I mean I was so in the mood to take advantage of someone. Even if it meant just watching someone else get a BJ.

Eventually we ended up dropping her off at her house. Neither of us could decide if this girl was a hooker or what sorts of drugs she was on. But I have a feeling we might meet her again as a REAL phone number was given out.

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