Sunday, December 12, 2004

The VIOLENCE of Class Consciousness

The question needs to be asked not if, but how much violence is required for class consciousness to change our economic system. For all the radical sound of this anti-moralist position , [you might even say misanthropic] it is based on some of the least controversial Marxist claims of society.

In the course of history , normal people have deep moral differences that were not due to unreason and ignorance. Similarly, in the present day, there are conflicting standards of the good that cannot be resolved through rational persuasion. [Richard W. Miller]

Various needs of the cast majority are in such a conflict with those of the minority [power holders] that an ultimate standard of equality would have intolerable costs. [Miller]

Traditional political-economic practices are evaluated as if they were (or should be) purely efficient free market operations, ignoring what everyone knows to be the actual dynamics of corporate political-economic behavior. [Dollars and Sense]

Strategies for effective change of the {political and economic system} will require , obstruction and violence that are incompatible with concrete concerns for an equal concern for all involved {in evaluating economics-political practices}. [Miller]


Jezebelsriot said...

I think you might be a genius. Or just a few slips lower on the IQ hierarchy. So, to indulge my seemingly endless obsession with cynical, warped, self-emaciating smart boys now I must know... Are you hot too?

romiustexis said...

The Bath MAn is very hot, very hot.