Thursday, December 16, 2004

Worms, cornbread and that fuckiface Dennis Miller.

I was sifting through packets of instant gravy today. It reminded me of the time my ex proved to me that Jiffy Brand Corn Bread, given a few days in a warm cupboard ,could magically turn from the sweet bread of life into worm meal.

Yucky. The little fuckers had wings , and masticated body parts. I swear to god I thought it was just pepper. I insisted that Mexicans just weren't used to packaged goods. But she got out the Encyclopedia Brown Microscope and goddamn if it wasn't true. It's almost enuff to make you think that Science could be done by Non-English speaking peoples if they tried.

Speaking of people who should not be doing science, I was watching the TV show Dennis - -"I'm sorrry, did I just turn into a Muslim hating right winged Republican asshat? " Miller.

Dennis gets random people to show up and be part of his "varsity." It's kinda like the dog pound only with more annoying guests.

This week it was his pal former Nickelodeon game show host
Marc Summers who get caught discussing the improbability of Global Warming.

Fuck yeah! Marc Summers can't leave his house without checking the locks 16 times has solved the whole Global Warming Crisis for us.

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