Friday, March 18, 2005

Did you know Santa Claus was a Cannibal?

Child asking : "Did you know Santa was a cannibal?"

Man replying: "Yep, Santa was a Cannibal."

Woman yelling from the other room. "Don't fill that child full of shit. You know damn well that isn't true."

Man: "Yes, he is." Man then gives child an upward glance, next his eyes roll back into his head in a tired expression of self righteousness.

Woman retorting in a huff: "No,... he simply wrote a thesis regarding the biological limitaions to an instictual taboo against cannibalism."

The woman then goes on to add "Further, his The Cultural Contradictions of Cannibalism is considered a classic in the field."

"Yea, right up there with the Joy of Cooking People I hear." The child fit to be tied is thrust into a fit of giggles upon hearing the man's sardonic rejoinder.

"It tastes like chicken." The child then speaks to himself, his eyes glassing over in a fat covered haze.

"People don't cannibalize for the taste of it." The woman corrects.

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