Friday, March 18, 2005

How Snickers Fights For Feminism- A post modern e-mail.

"Are You Hungry?"

Those words have been copyrighted by the Snicker Bar Company. In case you are hungry, or just need to ask someone "if they are" keep that in mind. And while keeping things in mind, keep in mind the great taste and filling nature of a Snickers Bar candy treat.

I can hear you now, "I don't want a snickers it 'll just make me fat!"

Ahhhh. What girl doesn't suffer from a body image problem? Am I Right?

So the good people at Snickers would like you to know they are just as concerned about body image as say, Camille Paglia.

Snickers doesn't want you to listen to that inner voice shaming you about your weight. Go on now. Go ahead. It's ok. Eat as much as you want and stick a giant middle finger up every American guy's ass who thinks "A size 16 pants is fat and so is your ass! "

Are you still hearing voices? Paxil might be good for you, ask your doctor what Paxil can do for you. Paxil is not right for everyone so check with your doctor. Side effects for Paxil include, loss of memory, anxiety, dry mouth, loss of sex drive and a big fat ass.

The following e-mail was brought to you by Google sponsored Text Ads. We bet you can't even find the advertisements™

and by:

"Life is better where the market is."

A message from Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America."We have the freedom you hate us for.!"™

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