Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Just a sec.....P.O.S...can't talk

I was watching the TV the other day, when one of those .."The more you know" segments blurts out the alarming statistic that :

20 % of youth age 10-17 have received unwanted sexual solicitations online.

So is the "good news" the 80% who have welcomed the sexual advances they have received?

I think we all can recognize the real dangers of pedophilia, but who among us knew of the dangers presented by the 80 percent bracket of horny teenagers?

Parents over the Shoulder (tm) like a lot of other groups out there is trying to do a good service, but I think they are going about it the wrong way.

For instance, A"creepy" 30 year old picking up on his prey isn't about to pretend to be 16. No idiot would try that (sorry about the premature balding, no... really I am 16. Um no..I don't have like an I.D. ), he would be all like "Hey, I can buy you beer and stuff." Or,"It takes me longer to come to orgasm."

Protect your teen by telling the truth:

  1. Look if you want beer that badly, I 'll buy it for you.
  2. Without Viagra , no thirty year old can have multiple orgasms.
  3. Your Dad is younger than the creep trying to diddle you.
  4. Save your virginity for the goofy, painfully inexperienced 17 year old just like your Dear old Mom did.
  5. The 30 year old doesn't care about your Troll dolls either, he just pretends to.

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