Monday, August 22, 2005

Way to many updates coming

Last weekend busy:

Poker update

California trip with the Card Shark where :

  • I met Jack High, Chris Darden, Men the master, and freakin Celine Dion's Husband.
  • 1,000 dollar buy in tournament was entered
  • learned Californians think three betting a 2, 4 offsuit preflop is good idea.
  • hung out with Dan-the-Man
  • Speaking of Jack High , a friend staked him and got 10% of his winning and may even get into a Documentary
  • did an 8 minute riff on Armenians and Turnips
  • discovered the Armenian Mafia doesn't think 8 minute riffs on their national product so funny

There are just a few stories I will have to tell about this weekend.

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