Wednesday, April 12, 2006

You can no longer ejaculate on a person without their consent.

I have a friend that reads this blog. I don't think this friend visits Connecticut very often. But if he did, then he needs to know about certain changes in the law. I am quite certain his former excuse that "it's just a visual thing" will no longer work.

P.S. This is what Lindsey Lohan looks like.(Without the ejaculate of Wilmer Valderrama) Senate Seals No-Contact Sex Assault Loophole:

"This may actually force potential, as well as existing, sexual predators to understand that ejaculating on a person's face is not in fact funny, normal, or an act that can easily be dismissed by a misdemeanor,' she said. 'Although the refinement of this law will not improve my situation or case, at least I'll be able to live at ease knowing that no other innocent person will be taken advantage of by both a sexual predator and by the law.'"

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threetoedsloth said...

Not only is it not funny, normal, or easily dismissed, but if it hits you in the eye it could be downright blinding! God only knows what that stuff could do to a contact lens.

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