Friday, August 18, 2006

They call me Aquaman,

No not that Aquaman or even that Aquadude. It's more like Aquaboy.

It seems in Florida you can expect a sudden flash flood of a rainstorm anytime you are about 3 miles from work wearing an all white uniform and your bike gets a flat.

Thanks to Margo for the nickname.

I am pretty sure it is not appropriate to mention to coworkers that "you will be hearing rumors about me that involve see-through-clothing. And yes all the rumors are true."

Thank god I always stuff.


Knows It All said...

Awesome. I lived in Florida one summer and learned about this phenom in a very similar way. I had biked to groceries. I was a drowned rat! but see-through clothes and the whole wet t-shirt look was so not my idea of how to impress my neighbors who were at the grocery. It was really embarassing.

I'm from the rain. But Florida's is different. Florida and I did not get along.

romiustexis said...

You would think that there would be more of a "show" of girls coming in from the rain in see through clothing, but I guess the natives adapt to their environment.

Damn that evolution...