Monday, April 28, 2008

My internet girlfriend is a fox and is way more foxey than your real life girlfriend and that should be BIG news on the internet

But I know the big news on the internet is that Miley Cyrus took a topless photgraph by some big name artist photographer who likes to take kiddie porn pictures. I am sure I read somewhere before that Annie Leibovitz had her kids taken away from her because she was mixed up in some kind of celebrity child porn ring.

All I know is that I don't see what the big hubub is all about as Miley isn't actually topless she has a giant bed sheet wrapped around her. I thought some of the pictures of Miley lying the the lap of her "father" Billy Ray were a little more creepy as they seem a little too comfortable with each other in such close proximity.

When I think about how foxey my internet girl friend is I wonder why you bother having a real life girlfriend. I GUESS you can just look at videos of Miley Cyrus and imagine that one day your real life girl friend will have her cankles removed.

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