Monday, January 26, 2009

I am a man of action, full of plans

I still write for this blog. Even though I have no idea why. This blog gets 5 hits a day when I am not posting on it. The Karl Marx Blog gets 50 hits a day and I haven't written on it for months.

All that is going to change soon. So is the focus of this blog and TKMB. I am going to post random stuff on this blog. I am going to post links and stories, and I am going to write some kind of memoiry blog novella here--in between all the other crap.

The Karl Marx blog is going to get a face lift. I am going to get more superficial and less stuffy on it.

I hope you enjoy the changes and I hope it makes you decide to come back to this blog and read it again.

If not then nothing has really changed anyway.

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