Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I get hit on from the Philippines

I know you may find it difficult to believe but I just got a message from a girl who lives in the Philippines. Actually the message wasn't really from the girl who lives in the Philippines, but from her Aunt who lives in Mesa, Arizona and there really wasn't a message, I just noticed that a I got a profile view from someone on one of the many online dating services I signed up for.

Since I never pay for any of the services all I have access to is the free stuff these pay sites offer which is just enough to entice you to pay for something that in fact will be a rip off because no one really hooks up online.

The online profile written by the aunt says the girl is 20 and is looking for an online and long distance relationship with a man. The girl's aunt requests that the man must be at least 28 years of age. I guess that is because Asian women like older white guys. And because trips overseas cost real money and in no way are payable from your winnings at World of Warcraft.

The girl is pretty hot. She plays guitar. I think I my have to see if I can bring her over to the United States. Any donations to this site that can get me to the Philippines, or my new Asian girlfriend over to America will be appreciated!


LC said...

You're right about one thing: Asian women like older white guys. If you head over to the Philippines, they'll be all over you like white on rice. The Americanized second-generation ones always go for Hispanic dudes (myself included), but the ones on the homeland LOVE white guys.

PS: Don't eat the balut, lengua, or dinuguan.

Good luck.

LC said...

Oh and don't touch the bagoong, either.

Romius T. said...

good thing asian women love white guys huh>?

This one never wrote back...or her mom that is....

When ever I go to another country I just bring bags of slim jims to stay away form the local cuisine,,,

LC said...

Romius T. said...

That onion piece has to be at least partially true, right??