Thursday, January 13, 2005

Craigslists post

This is just too funny:

Women have descriptions like thick, bbw, etc. Men have descriptors like paunchy and beer gut. I have a little less hair than you would like [ I am not bald, just balding-meaning one day I will be bald] , a little more weight than you want[I'm not a fat guy], don't have a job [I had one for 4 years before] and I am sure I will get another , unless you can support us. But I am super funny , sweet and sensitive. Doesn't inside beauty count?

You should be really skinny or at least good looking. Possibly wealthy. I like my women younger than me unless you are sitting on a wad of money and still have a scroggable bod. Please don't berate me - I know I have my faults, no one's perfect. And yes I am a dreamer [or slacker if you will] but 1% of all slackers and dreamers are actually men of genius, [No offense to the Irate Savant I hope!] who knows maybe I am.[ and yes I speak often parenthetically-perhaps too often]

your pic gets my pic

Ps.Ok I wrote it , but damn no takers so far. Hmmm

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brainhell said...

But you may be contacted by a sociologist or parole officer.