Monday, January 03, 2005

McDonald's changed their chicken nuggets

You don't know this, but the secret receipe to the world famous McDonald's Chicken Nuggets has been changed. They are no longer made with Dark meat. Suculent dark mea,t ground from negroids into nicely formed patties and deep fried in buckets of oil.

No, no, they have to be made by harvesting the stem cells of aborted white kids in Appalachia.

Do dark meat chicken nuggets have bigger penises?
That's just a stupid myth , perpetuated by my ex-who could answer the question for you herself, if she could get the words out of a mouth that is currently stuffed with Dark nugget penis.

A chicken ? Sex interlude...part 5 A Fresh EGGsample

Chicken 1
"Remember how we met?"

Chicken 2
"Yea, I was a cuckolded husband and your were a dominachick."

Chicken 1
"And, I wanted to suck your tiny cock."

Chicken 2
"And I just wanted to come in your mouth."

Chicken 1 (laughs)
"And you didn't even warn me. Now all we do is missionary sex with each other , but it's great."

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