Saturday, January 22, 2005

How to become a Sociopath in Six Easy Steps.

Nietzsche proclaimed an end to the era of religion when he shouted forth "God is DEAD". Thus with Promethean force we are delivered; hither to, where all is permitted, the realm of anxious freedom.

From this lacuna arose that great religion of the industrial masses, Marxism. Now with the passing of another great illusion and with it the end of history- the death of the proletatriat, we come to see the extinction of the negation of the negation.

It can only be at the precise moment in our history when we lack a world subject, a mover of movers, that our anxiety can re-awake. Not within the foolish phenomenon of choices we have constructed for ourselves. Regarding that: we ourselves have no more authenticity than our commodities.

Man does not create a self by "choosing" under the anxious umbrella of freedom. Rather man secures but a stillted, numbed reality. Only a brief respite from the fragmentation conveyed by post modern society. A quiet from the dizziness of choice.

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