Saturday, January 08, 2005

Everybody loves Raymond the Rapist

In a recent repeat episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond " the
titled character engages in behavior only a fervent mysoginist could describe as anything other than that of spousal rape.

The episode portrays Raymond as having an anxiety "episode" over tricking his wife into allowing him to play more golf. In turn, his Catholic guilt wears upon him and Ray runs home to confess his sin.

But just before he can confess his sin to his (typically) sexless wife, she offers up "the goods." Raymond, barely able to contain himself, takes only a small pause before bounding up the stairs and consummating the marital act.

Raymond's character, with full knowledge that his confession would have resulted in not getting sex, omits the confession in order to partake of the carnal fruits of his "hot wife." That was the ready made excuse when Ray was finally confronted with this despicable act. "Sorry hon, your just so hot!"

The writers of the show are so obviously conflicted by their actions that they provide another alibi for Ray's conduct, when it is explained that the only reason the heretofore chaste wife "puts out" is upon the request of her mother-in-law.

I am just curious what the female readership of this blog thinks about a major network and sitcom star's ideas on martial relations. I guess for TV and probably most Americans there is no such thing as rape if your married.

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Precious said...

Listen, it's a stupid show. The wife always has poor Raymond by the balls. All the men in the show have been castrated by the women characters. I find it a pathetic waste of a half hour of my life. Don't fret it. Look at it for what it is. Mindless "teevee" that has nothing to do with real life.