Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Weekly world News Takes a Stand!

The Weekly World News presented their top 10 list of Ugly people in the world.

Surprise, Surprise! The Phoenix area cop who was burned ( nearly to death) made the list.

This really should not come as a shock, as the young man is quite the horror show.

But Circle K in an act of PURE corporate cowardice has cowardly removed the "offending" magazines.

Later, a local news channel covering the controversy, even mentioned the other magazines owned by the media company in a futile attempt at starting a boycott.

I must decry all this hypocrisy, as I can not stand the disingenuous nature of the attacks on WWN. Most of you gals out there won't date a guy losing a bit of hair, and what guy out there likes a chubby girl? Fat girls get no love baby!

And don't give me this shit about how he's a hero, COPS are not heroes!
Now the Hero Cop wants to sue the publication for it's opinion.

The man is ugly, deal with it. Now Sue Me Bitch!

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