Thursday, April 14, 2005

More Fun with Cragislist. The One Armed Bandit Strikes Again.

Personal Ad on the Craigslists I posted.

I am looking for a women who can deal with the fact that I have one Arm. Maybe you have a fetish for that kind of thing, or maybe you can just be "cool" with it.

It's tough getting a job when you have only one arm, so yes I am broke. But I am not looking for sympathy.

How'd I lose the arm? I know you are all wondering. So I will just tell the story.

I was traveling in Missouri a few years ago, a friend of a friend knew some "guy" who worked a carny. He got us "back stage" at a traveling circus.

The circus had a few animals including a bear. I got a little too close to it's cage and got distracted. Before I knew it, the animal had swiped at me.

No, it did not eat off my arm. It did mangle it though. Quite a bit. We were in 'the backwoods' so the doctor had no experience with re-attachment or fixing such a badly broken arm. I had lost a great deal of blood as well. He made a decision: arm or death. He chose to give me life.

Hey, I can still masturbate with one arm. So I guess life is not all bad, but I am tired of jacking off. I Would like to meet a gal for some fun. Don't get dogs or animals involved please.

And DO NOT offer a "ZOO" visit for our first date. That's not funny. I have tried this before, so I know all the jokes.

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