Friday, April 08, 2005

Why do credit card companies taunt me?

What's in my wallet? Not a god damn thing, no thanks to Capital One and their shenanigans. They are ruining my credit.

There it is again. A brand new shiny envelope beckoning with new Direct Mail enticements. You're already approved!, $3000 dollar credit limit. No interest!

Submitted for my approval complete with faux credit card for life-like -faux-maxing out!

[Heidegger-esque wouldn't ya say?]

If they can decide to turn me down in 60 seconds , can't they run a little check first? Why waste their 50 cents? If you keep sending me out advertisements that say I am approved , I will keep applying for the money. I am poor, and I got's me no moolah!

The reason they refuse to check is easy to understand, they are intent on ruining my credit. The more times an applicant gets turned down, or applies for credit the worse their credit score becomes. They know this-hell they invented the rules, and they know they don't want me , I 've already been turned down 6 times this week, so why do they keep insisting on sending me those"You are already approved!" stickers and applications.

I was gonna choose the "see-thru-red one" credit card, cuz it looked so cool.

I was gonna pay off all them fines , so I wouldn't go to jail. Maybe even fix my brakes, so I would not run over some little squirrel. Look out Mr. Squirrel! Look out Mr. Cuddily Rodent of the Sciuridae family!

I am gonna have to invent a Tort for this. We just can't have large multi-national corporations going around picking on me, and inadverdently killing fuzzy lil Sciuridaeians.


Bob said...

I always wanted to have two credit cards, I'd run one up to the limit, and then use its competitor to pay it off and vice versa...

In theory I shouldn't have to actually pay for anything.

romiustexis said...

I have aquired 37 credit cards in this manner.

Jo Clark said...

Poor little squirrels. Shame on the evil credit card companies. I wonder if one could sue for false advertising. You are approved... When you are not. Oh yeah, that's the laugh of it, huh. You have to have money to be able to afford the lawyer to go to court!!!

EVIL credit card companies. Maybe we can get the squirrels to sue?

Rebecca said...

I came across your blog while googling against Cap 1. Trust me and NEVER have them in your wallet. Don't ever apply either. If you are ever approved, they will ruin your credit twice as fast.
I filed a ch. 7 bankruptcy which discharged my debts, and less than a year later - capital one issued me another card - new acct. number and I NEVER APPLIED!
Now they are sending me threatening notices, have tacked on interest to a card I haven't used nor is even in my possession and am now getting a notice from their credit collection's department.
It's fraudulent and they are getting away with it.
file complaints as much as you can.

and also a class action lawsuit being filed against them...

Romius T. said...

thanks for the info rebecca, capital one is truly an evil company!