Wednesday, September 07, 2005

News for Black people and the people that may or may not like black people.

George Bush don't like black people. P. Didddy doesn't either, how else can you explain his desire to give a million dollars worth of his clothes away? Wow I wonder how there is a million dollars worth of his stuff just lying around Big and Tall shops ready to cloth the naked. Haven't the poeple of N.O. suffered enuff?

Not that George has done much for poor white folk either. This is not the first time that hurricane relief has taken so long under our dear leader. According to the Daily Howler:

For three days after Hurricane Andrew, the “federal cavalry” didn’t appear. Murphy described extensive looting of private homes as south Floridians fought for their lives. On Day 4, the feds finally showed.

Then again some black people don't know there are poor people in the Big Easy. And her name isn't Bill Cosby. She just runs Atlanta's biggest newspaper. In her defense there are no poor blacks in Atlanta, just overpaid quaterbacks.

In only took one day for Sherriff Joe's posse to turn New Orleans into Tent City. They've already shot at a guy with a bean bag.

Cops suck.

500 in New Orleans have bailed and the rest are looting:

"Some officers joined in taking whatever they could, including one New Orleans cop who loaded a shopping cart with a compact computer and a 27-inch flat screen television."

Calling David Duke a Racist just doesn't do justice to the kind of racist he is. Here's a sample of his headline writing:

New Orleans descends into Africa-like Savagery
Roving gangs of African-Americans raid nursing homes for the elderly and even children’s
Whites in New Orleans are Facing Rape and murder at the Hands of Black Mobs
Mass Racial Attacks Against Whites in New Orleans
What about the Human Rights of Whites?

If you visit his website, and don't have a tatoo of the coming race wars don't say I didn't warn you. (NSFBF) Not Safe FOr Black Folk

Got a call from Larry King he wants his copyrighted "journalistic style" back.