Friday, September 02, 2005

A poem I bought from a homeless guy.

Bam Boooo

(A Poem From A Homeless Dude.)

All I have to is [hear?]
her name and every hair
on my body just bristles
with desire. When I see the
moon of her face this
frame of mine oozes sweat,
like a
moonstone. When that
women as close to me as
beneath steps close enough to stroke my neck the
thought of jealousy is
shattered in my heart
that's only sometime hard is diamond.

I believe this is a work in progress. There were quite a few crossouts and corrections. But if your gonna sell something , shouldn't it be a finished product.

Apparently moonstone is a real item, my friend and I were not quite sure of it's authenticity.

Homeless guy mentioned that the police had arrested him for "selling his poems."

I think that's messed up. Apparently you can do 3 years in the slammer for great and creative work like BAM BOOO.

It clearly needs work but I would have given him a few weeks not years to tidy things up.

I can also attest to the fact that homeless guy's frame "oozes of sweat."

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