Saturday, September 03, 2005

Sheppard Smith has a soul.

I have always thought of Sheppard Smith as the right-wing, conservative, Fox News-lackey of the Republican Party. And while I am sure that is still true, he was one of the first guys out the gate screaming mad over the bungled rescue of New Orleans.

I remember hearing one of his reports and it was palpable in his voice the concern he had for his fellow Americans. "When Sheppard Smith is losing it." I thought. "Things must be outta control."

From Wonkette:

(I didn't see it coming.)

Sean Hannity sure didn't either. Last night, interviewing Geraldo Rivera and Shepard Smith in New Orleans from the comfort and safety of his studio, he responded to their descriptions of the still very desperate situation with a call for "perspective." Replied Smith: "This is perspective!"

White bread grew a backbone. Too bad it won't last.


Anonymous said...

Sheppard Smith is one of the best reporters out there. You can see he has soul and compasion. He is also very easy on the eyes :)!

Anonymous said...

Shepard Smith is eye candy. Do him in a flash :)

Anonymous said...

Gross. Shepard Smith is the farthest thing from eye candy. He's like Eye liver and onions. He makes me want to puke. He really needs a tan though.


Romius T. said...

shocking. Shocking. i stand firm. he is chocolatey goodness!