Tuesday, October 18, 2005

An ethical dilemma.

Recently a friend and I faced down probably one of the toughest and dumbest kitties in the world.

On a return trip home from a casino (where I pocketed 131 dollars in winnings) Card Shark swerved to avoid what he thought was a plastic bag. It turned out to be a kitten. The swerving didn't quite work and we heard the ghastly sound of tiny bones being ground to a fine powder.

"Should we go back?"

He's asking a misanthrope. I would have kept going. But then he asked "Do I have an ethical obligation here?" "Oh, that you might have." I replied. "To run it over again if it's still in pain." Neither of us looked forward to that option as we are both a bit squeamish.

Upon close up inspection the cat appeared fine and I suggested we return to the vehicle. Card Shark was not quite convinced and wanted to find a "stick" to poke it.

"It might scratch me." He rationalized.

I well understood his concern as the kitten could have been weighed in grams and possibly had been incapacitated after being run over by a 3000 pound car.

But the sheer ferocity of this animal was reinforced when a second car appeared, and rather than head for safer ground on the curb the feral being bared forth it's teeth and slashed at the oncoming tire.

"It's legs must be broke, why else would it not move?"

So Card Shark threw a plastic bottle to frighten it off the roadway and the damn thing took off like a cheetah on the Sahara.

"That cat ain't hurt." I cried. "It's just the stupidest cat ever. It actually thinks it can take on moving cars."

Card Shark will be taking in the truck to a local Goodyear store to determine what damage this bionic kitten must have done to his tires.


Cardshark said...

That's BS Romius, and you know it. You just wanted to leave that kitty writhing in pain and dying in the street. I actually turned back around to help it. I'm going to start suing you for defamation (see response to 10/31/05 post).

romiustexis said...

Uh..card if you had read the piece and understood it you would have noticed that I stated "He's asking a misanthrope. I would have kept going."

At no time did I charaterize my attitude as one anything other than indifference to the plight of a bionic kitties.

Nothing else I said is contradicted by the facts;however, it should be noted that the "fictionalized" life of RomiusTexis is in no way related to the real life advertures of persons , known, living , dead or otherwise.