Monday, October 31, 2005

A Million Dollar Idea. Please don't steal this idea.

You all have heard the saying that everyone comes up with at least three "million dollar ideas" a year.

Well here is my second one this year. For Halloween I came up with a change from the ordinary costumes I might normally wear. From now on I will add "ASS GRABBIN" to my costume no matter what it is.

This year I was the "Ass Grabbin" Devil and my friend was an 'ASS Grabbin' Elvis.

I want to come up with an entire "line" of costumes that feature the Ass Grabbin moniker. I could just buy a buch of costumes and add a cardboard Ass Grabbin sign for an extra 10 bucks.

Don't even think about gettin' that Trademark of mine. Think of it , you can be an ass grabbin clown or an ass grabbin hobo (like there is some other kind?)

Of course, no idea, no matter how great it is comes without baggage. I am not sure how an idea so pure as "Ass Grabbin" could be corrupted, but corrupted it became as my friend Foxxylove and Card Shark got into it over the whole Ass Grabbin thing.

I guess Foxxy didn't get the Memo. Ass grabbin and slutty pumkins are what Americans have come to expect about a holiday designed by the "Crest Foundation to Rot Teeth."

Ass Grabbin is a division of Ass Grabber Inc. "For the ass grabber in you."


Cardshark said...

Hey, quit stealing my freakin' ideas! I've finally started reading your blog consistently. It's amazing how often you take credit for my good ideas, and blame me for all of your bad/offensive ones. Fess up man. You're the one who came up with the whole "rims" idea. And Foxxxy Love can kiss my ass-grabbing ass if she continues to call me chubby. Peace out y'all.

foxxxylove said...

Look Chubby, you ain't got no ass for me to kiss.

Apparently Chubby missed the memo about not grabbin strange ass in my presence; especially an ass that was clearly inferior to my own!