Friday, February 17, 2006

As promised...Lisa Loeb in a BRA!!!

In my continual chase for hits, I finally deliver on the Bra Pics!!

Check out Subvert Society for some more pics (and some rather snarky commentary on Lil Lisa.)

You know, when I first started watching Vh1's #1 Single I had a huge crush on Lisa. But following each subsequent episode I have begun to like her less.

What happened to the Indie rock nerd? Turns out all she likes is Art Deco in Pink and (and guys with jobs.) She probably comes home from all her dates and scribbles the guys last name into her notebook "just to try it on." My eight year old neice is more of a grown up.


foxxxylove said...

Is all this panty-in and bra-in helping Lisa find a man? I think not. What she needs to do is get on Flavor of Love. I'm sure she'd get some action there as Flav loves the white chicks!

Did I mention that I've had over 1000 visitors in the past 2 days. What has Lisa done for you lately?

Anonymous said...

That picture is SO NOT HOT.
-La Isla

romiustexis said...

I know that picture aint worth a thing, I think I got 7 moere hits than normal foxxy!

Jezebelsriot said...

I've been finding myself in a few disgruntled dispositions with some of our fellow bloggers as of late, which prompted me to write a small excerpt about how you and Foxxxy are my favorite blogs. Well, that's a small piece of it, but for just a bit of an ego boost for your intellectually fine self, I offer a heads up.