Friday, February 03, 2006

Silent Totalitarianism

AOL Autos: Article - Star Wars Speed Trap:

"Now, however, the technology exists for a great leap forward -- or backward, depending on your point of view.

The Canadians are testing out a system that combines onboard Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology with a digital speed limit map. It works very much like the in-car GPS navigation systems which have become so common on late model cars -- but with a twist. Instead of helping you find a destination, the system, prevents you from driving any faster than the posted speed limit of the road you happen to be on."

Onward we march towards the Surveillance Society! I first read about automatically prohibiting speeding and the issuing of fines in a book, it was either Warday or Nature's End when I was was in high school.

One of those books also had an interesting computer program that simulated presidential canidates minds. In the program you could ask the candidate any question and the respondent would have to answer honestly. Most of the time people asked the candidates if they like to have sex with dogs. Because the program was supposed to be 100% accurate, you could find out weird shit about people. I think we are getting close to that possibility as well.

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