Monday, February 13, 2006

Lisa gets on Howard Stern

Source: Howard

"Howard admitted that he'd never seen #1 Single, but he thought its biggest problem was that Lisa is too nice for a dating show. Howard explained that he only tunes into such programs when he thinks the people trying to pick a mate aren't afraid to rip apart the contestants. However, Lisa assured Howard that she can let it rip with the best of them, before adding that the show features regular guys.

When Howard questioned whether Lisa would actually date someone who isn't famous, she insisted that she could definitely see herself doing so. "

Ok, so I know that I have sold my soul for hits, but this whole Lisa Loeb thing has totally not worked out. Foxxylove now has a thousand more hits than me. Next post has Lisa in a bra. What do I have to do for you people to love me?


Anonymous said...

Show us your tits! O, wait, this is the wrong blog, I was trying to reach FoxxxyLove.
-La Isla

Jezebelsriot said...

Definitely an engorged hardon pic. But I'm already a reader, so you gain nothing but the satisfaction of indulging my own perversion.