Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I love me some Jezebel

JezebelsRiot has some very nice things to say about this blog recently.

"Romius has a switchblade tongue but he's also just as quick to point the tip at himself. He understands humor and comical self loathing is far more interesting than outwitting your cyber opponent halfway across the world with your dictionary."

I'd post her pic along with this , but she doesn't need any more cyberstalkers than she's got!

In the post she also hints that maybe I should let go of the whole "Lisa Loeb" thing and I couldn't agree more.

On the bright side of life men in their Fifties have a better sex life than men in their Thirties. I can vouch for that. If it wasn't for Chat rooms where I pretend to be a 13 year old girl all day I wouldn't even be able to watch 40 year old men jack off.

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