Saturday, November 04, 2006

Why I hate Cops!

Hang around me long enough and you'll get exposed to one of my diatribes against police officers.

Why I hate them so much:

You are more likely to get killed by a police officer than terrorist. That's right. And that's after accounting for 9/11.. If you are sitting at the local Donut shop you'd rather see Osama Bin Laden walk in the door strapped with a backpack and a detonator than the have local county deputy stop you in the wrong part of town after midnight for being brown.

Being a cop is safer than you think.

Working at Circle K or driving a taxi is more dangerous than being a cop. Yet you never hear chicks speak in some cultish glow of affection about gas station attendants.

They don't do anything.

Most of a cop's time is spent doing paperwork, or dealing with arguing spouses and busting celebrities for pot. It is extremely unlikely that cop will ever save your life or even be around when a crime takes place against you.

What is possible is that if you are unlucky enough to get mugged by a mob of prostitutes while exiting from a strip club the cops will only look to avoid filling out a police report.

Cops get laid more often than I do.

Because too many women many still worship these guys as heroes. It's not because their jobs are dangerous, it's just that women are all to eager to submit before the power and authority that police represent.


Anonymous said...

your a dumbass i hope you get your face shot off and die punk ass

Anonymous said...

No respect what so ever..if you only knew the things we go through so you can live a happy life. seriously, without us you would be dead kid. you're just an ungreatful little prick is's ok though we are used to it.

oh and by the way...donut jokes are so 1950' 5'9 225 lbs with about 4.5% body fat and I bench over 315. seriously get a clue and stop following the "omg cops like donuts...har har" crowd.

Anonymous said...

"I'm so cool becuase i follow the crowd of drop outs who have no future and blame society and "the police" for me not getting my way" "I reall wish i had a father figure growing up"

Anonymous said...

i like this post! i find that it speaks to a large majority of people. i don't think people should like or dislike cops or anyone for that matter. but the principle of police, or war or cars or many other things doesn't sit well with me. more leisure, more education, more freedom. that doesn't mean, i don't like "cops". that just means i don't think the idea of "cops" is healthy. more cops, more crimes. they are just people too. able to commit the same crimes.