Sunday, October 12, 2008

An open letter to my "crazy" Barack Obama fearing Mom


I'm sorry to hear your point of view on Barrack Obama. I do not worry about Barrack. I am not concerned that he is a closet Communist/Muslim who may or may not be bringing "the end times."

I worry that he is less liberal than Bill Clinton. His voting record and political career suggests he is a moderate always looking to compromise. Despite his drawbacks I can not vote for anyone else.

I do not want anything to do with the right wing of this country. Bush won a "compromised" election in 2000. Since then he cut taxes on the wealthy, suspended the 4th amendment,spied on Americans, allowed terrorists to attack our country, used signing statements to subvert the rule of law, started 2 wars (and lied to invade Iraq who had nothing to do with 9-11), smashed the separation of church and state, drove the nation into massive debt, gave away trillions of dollars to corporate powers, the list goes on. What is the difference between our country and the "fascism" of Fascism? We do not kill Jews. Yet.

What we don't need is more pandering to the religious right in this country. I am not worried that Barrack is secretly a black power, Muslim bent on subverting what is left (so very little left) of our constitution by converting us by the sword to Islamic belief. I am far more worried about Palin's insane religious views, because they represent a portion of the mainstream of American thought. The alleged Islamic beliefs of Obama would find no support from Americans. The hyper unreal beliefs of right winged religious nuts like Sarah Palin and George Bush inform there every policy move and are supported by members of the moral majority.

Even if all the attacks against Obama were true, I would have faith in the power of the Constitution to restrain Obama from killing all the white people. If the people in government can convince George W. Bush that he does not get a third term, they can convince Obama that he should continue to masque his Muslim beliefs in his self proclaimed love of Christianity.

I am not at angry at all with you; however, I should point out to you though (if you are not aware) that I am an Atheist and a card carrying member of the Communist Party (USA). I vote Democratic because that party represents at least a brake on the corporate institutions which dominate the political landscape. But my beliefs are firm and I have considered them carefully.

Since I am an Atheist and Communist I would like nothing more than to smash the economic system we live in. We live in a country that "Socializes" the risk of entrepreneurial capitalism, but privatises the gains. I see no reason to worry that Obama will bring communism. We have socialism here already, but it is socialism for the rich. The bailouts are just the latest example of this.

I would like nothing more than to see our country return to clear dividing wall between church and state. I take no comfort in knowing that a republican president would protect my right to not believe. A republican comes down on the side of the moneyed interests and religion, not the working class and free thinking.

The video you suggested has been flying around the country for quite some time and has been debunked on numerous occasions. I assume proof at this point will not suffice. I will not offer any.

I could adopt the strategy of the anti-Obama people and remind you that at the first debate Obama wore an American flag pin and McCain did not. That Sarah Palin's church has witch doctors, they lay hands on her, they are Pentecostal which means they play with snakes and talk in tongues. That Sarah Palin's husband belongs to an Alaskan secessionist group ( The Alaska First Party) a group that so hates America they make Iran look like our best friend.

You can find videos of the leader of this hate group saying things I would not have said about this country when white men were allowed to own black men. Sarah Palin gave speeches to this group. She may allow Alaska to leave the Union if she gets to be president (and don't we need Alaska's gas?)

The video below shows Sarah Palin telling a treasonous group that they do great work.

I have seen videos of Sara getting healed by her pastor and "hands placed upon her" as she thanks this witch burning doctor (he brags he hunts down witches like there is something called a witch that has powers and needs to be cured of her demons -Palin nods her head during all this because she agrees. Then she gets up and tells the witch burning doctor "thanks" for "givin' her the governorship."

I could make a video as scary as the video you saw and if you did not know any better would make you run for the Canadian border if McCain won. To sum up: I do not believe Barack Obama is the anti-Christ.

(If he were is it not "god's will"? I find the second point to be dangerous and typical of the right wing extremist position. I am sure that (deleted) women believes something to that effect.)

I must say I am surprised at your conversion to religious dogma. When did this occur? I can not as a child recall you ever using religious tinged explanations to describe the empirical or phenomenal world (that is the world of experience).

As a child I do not recall any conversation about God with you, or your belief in him. I do recall attending memaw's church. I recall after Dad left you never took us to church again. I know Aunt D. was a Catholic and I knew you and Dad had some vague belief in a "Christian" god. I know know that Aunt N. was churchy. She watched all those preachers who talk of prosperity all the while asking for donations at every oppurtunity. Religion was kept to Sunday in our house (and only a few Sundays) and talk of God's will would have sounded absurd.

I know that good Baptists like to leave it up to the individual to come to terms with choosing god. I always assumed that is why you left me the choice to believe or not to believe. I've always considered that to be your finest parenting gift.

I would just like to ease your fears.

Obama is less liberal than Bill Clinton who was just a liberal Republican in sheep's clothing. The End Times is not coming. Obama is not the closet Anti-Christ that is thought to be foreseen in the book of Revelations (no matter what your good friend g. thinks) nor is he a secret buddy of Osama Bin Laden.

FUN FACT: Did you know that George H. W. Bush was having a meeting with Osama Bin Laden's family around the time of 911?

"George H. W. Bush attended an investment meeting at the Washington, D.C. Ritz-Carlton hotel on September 10, 2001 and in particular a meeting with Shafiq bin Laden, representing joint interests of the Saudi Binladin Group and Carlyle."

IF you are concerned at all with terrorism and links to the Osama Bin Laden look no further than the Bush clan. There are a number of conspiracy videos that link 9-11 to the US government and George Bush. I think the most popular one is a movie called Zeitgeist. You could google it.

It will scare you. It also talks about the Federal Reserve System, the illegal nature of payroll taxes on Americans, and the weirdly similar nature of Egyptian gods to the the story of the risen Christ that purports to expose the Christian god as untrue.

I am not worried that Obama will lead us to the end of times. I am worried that if Palin gets into power she will bring on Armageddon because she wants 'the end of times' so she can be with her Jesus. I think she'd push the bomb and blow us all to hell. Barrack is just a democrat. He will bow to the media, corporate powers, the right wing, and all the special interests that all the other politicians bow to. Obama is simply the better choice for working people, and that is how I decide who I vote for.

The attacks you have read about Obama come from the some place that attacked McCain for having a black baby out of wedlock in South Carolina. They are the same "swift boat" attacks that said John Kerry was a coward even though he served in Vietnam and was shot at. (Unlike that coward GW.) I know Kerry said things that veterans (and your husband) don't like, "Stop the war we are massacring people."

(I'm sorry 3 million dead in Vietnam is not a massacre it is genocide. American history is full of Genocide. Natives, black slavery, The Philippines, Panama, etc.)

Mom, the video and other attacks you read on Obama are just swift boat attacks, they are swift boat in nature, they reveal themselves as swift boatian in the light of careful reasoning.

I would ask you to consider how the Democratic Party missed all the claims you hear. Why is there nothing in the mainstream media? Why would not John McCain say something in a debate in front of 65 million people? McCain loves his country. If McCain thought Obama was a Muslim terrorist, (and if the claims that accuse him are so backed in fact and truth) would he not have a moral duty to expose Obama for the fraud that he is?

Is McCain part of a secret plan to get the Anti-Christ in power? Is he Judas in the last days? Do you not worry about the rationality of the arguments that are needed to anchor such ideas?

One can disagree about the direction of this Country.

I think our country has been going down hill for 8 years.

One can disagree about if we need change.

I think only a complete rejection of the Bush Doctrine will enable our Country to prosper and survive.

One can make a case for either candidate to help.

But I think one candidate will continue the policies of the last 8 years and the other will offer us hope and real change.

But the idea that Obama is not a loyal American that he is a black extremist, or secret communist who is bent on subverting the constitution and handing our Christian saved souls over to Caliph of the Dajjal* does not bear scrutiny. It does not rise to the level of rational plausibility.

Visit the website stopthe smears to learn about Barack Obama's side to the questions that have been raised by these attacks.

Next year when Barrack Obama lowers your taxes you will have a laugh at all this. You will stop worrying that Kenya is going to invade the US. And I will spend my tax rebate on a trip to Florida. You will see. It will all be ok. I promise.

Your son.

p.s. The government reads your e-mail.
*(The antichrist of muslim theology)


Anonymous said...

You are a good son to help show your mother the way out of fear.

Romius T. said...

I am considering allowing my mother to know about my websites so she can read the improved version (that inluded all the vids I did not add to her email.)
I hope I am a good son. I know my mother means well. She just has been misinformed about obama.

lucky charms said...

I'm gonna read this later because I have a quiz in a couple of hours and by quiz I mean a 1-page exam on everything I've learned this semester, and by learned I mean sat down and copied but haven't retained.......

But just based on the subject, I wanted to say YAY we finally have something in common!! know, besides our lewd sense of humor and fondness for the drugboy. My mom is scared of Obama, too!! High five, buddy!

Romius T. said...


I am so gladd we have another thing in common. Good luck on your paper. I have given you (if yo include all the links and video) way too much homework on this post. take your time!

KELSO'S NUTS said...


Don't believe a word your son writes. I am one of the secret COUNCIL OF 18 (6+6+6), THE INTERNATIONAL JEWISH BANKING CONSPIRACY.

We are working in league with Barack Obama to spread Socialism, Drugs and Radical Terrorist thought through the USA.

We are indoctrinating children through our HOLLYWOOD ANIMATED MOVIE division.




Romius T. said...

hey she is not suposed to know that stuff@