Saturday, October 16, 2004

My apology for the Spam Mail you have been getting.

I'm really sorry, but I had to make some money somehow. In just one week I collected a cool $9.20 from

And frankly if just some of you bastards I signed up through email would join the club, I would be rolling in the dough. Can you say $5 bucks a head?

You wouldn't need to buy me any more beer when we go out, or take me for those "don't worry breakfast is on me" trips. By the way, who says the 99 cent value menu at McDonald's counts as Karma in this life or any other?

And I just know I am getting that FREE Dell computer the pop up ads keep insisting is on the way. I just fill out one more survey, add your e-mail here, get your friends to vote for Bush, send us a DNA sample, and how do you feel about a microchip implant?

Who needs to worry about infections from Trojan Horses and hacking toolbars when you've got me knocking at the door? I feel bad, but what can I say? I still haven't won the lottery and spam mail pays money, big money. Money I need if I am ever gonna reach my goal of riding in the air conditioned comfort that defines French built automobiles.

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