Friday, October 08, 2004

$350 dollars short of dignity.

My walkman's battery dies out without much of a warning. One minute your jamming to UFO's newest CD and the next second your thrust into the afternoon sounds of traffic and city life.

Now I've got to decide, "are you gonna get on the bus and go to the 99 cent store for more batteries. It's not like you couldn't also use a muffin pan and some Jiffy Mix. "

This set of mental calculations acquires a sudden urgency, as the Route 72 bus pulls up to the rest stop that I have used as a respite from the fall's unnaturally toasty temps.

"Let's see I do have 6 more rechargeable batteries at home."

Though only the two currently housed in my Emerson Research portable cd player (with wireless signal transmitter) seem to be functioning properly.

"I wonder if the 99 cent store sells rechargeable batteries or just those cheap knock offs of Eveready. Damn Bunny. Those knock offs will only last long enough to get me home anyways. And do I really need a muffin pan? "

The point becomes moot as I am brought back to live action. My ride lunges forward without me. A blast of heat and diesel smoke chocking my lungs. "If I just had the three hundred fifty bucks to buy that nifty little Renault Alliance advertised from the craiglists."

Now that my decision has been made for me, I guess I can walk home now.

$350 dollars short of dignity.

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