Thursday, October 28, 2004

Wil Wheaton is an ASSHAT!!

Wil Wheaton is an asshat. Wil Wheaton does not like Saturday Night Live. Wil Wheaton thinks Ash Simpson sucks, and probably lip syncs. Wil Wheaton think SNL hasn't been funny since it stopped being countercullture. Wil thinks SNL is "just another predictable, corporate, unimaginative stop on the flavor of the month's publicity tour."

Way to go Wil, B-I-N-G-fucking-o. I'd say. That's great annaylsis, 'Mr. I left a huge corporate tv syndicated program so I could go on to big movies' (oh wait nobody wants me in big movies, guess I will make a blog about what a counter-nerd I am.)

Shut up, Wil Wheaton, go sell a few autographs at a nerdcropilis show full of trekkie geeks.

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