Sunday, October 31, 2004

Will the large Pumpkin Heads stop staring at me from across the way?

Some people seem to think that the world behaves like a Stanley Kubriack film, where everything you see on the screen has a purpose. Maybe black cats do walk backwards, but maybe you wern't supposed to see that,...and no matter which pill you'll never wake up.

So maybe Parker Posey's portrayal of a Frankenstein hunting journalist isn't a betrayal of her indy film roots, as her recent turn in the made for TV movie from USA networks would suggest.

The movie, Frankenstein, also features the actor who portrayed the creepy roommate who moves in and replaces Joey in Chandler's apartment for a few wacky episodes on the Friends Show.

Aside from all that, I have a suggestion for the earnest lady who appears in the ads toughting "a better internet" from America Online. The actress likes to jump up on board room desks where she expouses her ideas for the internet conclomerate like spam blockers and 24 hour customer service. My one bit of advice for her is, go get your child a better hat, I take child abuse to be a serious problem , even when it's off of the the internet.

Finally, if I knew how to add photos to this blog , I would show you those damn pumpkin heads. I shit you not.

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