Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Larry King Blog!

He's just getting started "I am pretty new at this , so I hope you bear with me, but eventually this will all be blog-o-matic! (lookey there , coined a new word on my first post!!)"

Larry has an impressive resume including "co-chairing a seminar entitled "Old, Ugly Geezers Who Impregnate Young Women." He absolutely loves John Grisham, and is heavily into suspenders and its affiliated porn fetish.

Larry's Blog is Here


Cardshark said...

You know, this site's become pretty lame without any new Cardshark stories. (You didn't even report on the Vegas tourney. As you said, "If that's not blogworthy, I don't know what is.") You'd better post a good (and positive) one soon, or I'm just going to be usin' yours for the link to Foxxy Love's site. Now, she has pizaz!

Cardshark said...

To be "tuff, but fair" though, the Larry King stuff is pretty hilarious.