Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Lisa Loeb likes thongs.

What won't a 30 year old chick do to find the man of their dreams? That's why you gotta give some love up for these old chicks,. Dignity? I don't need no stinking dignities.

I have decided to turn this blog into all things Lisa Loeb. IF that angry black chick can can get 500 hits a day goofing on Flavor Fave then I should be able to double that with Lisa Loeb's ass hanging out her thong!

Go here for a video where Lisa shows it off! I'll get around to watching her show sometime.


foxxxylove said...

don't hate me because you can't be me!

Esereth said...

37 year old chick.

If your eggs were 37 years old, you'd be thonging it up in front of the camera, too.

romiustexis said...

True, I would. As my sperm is 35, I have taken to leaving it in public areas in the hopes that it transmits itself.