Thursday, March 30, 2006

Happy Days ARe Here AGain

You know you have a bad life when you're sitting** at the greyhound bus terminal watching SMC infomercials on one of those Pay TV's thinking to yourself "If SMC suggested retail price is 300% above cost and Tom Bosley is making a fortune, I'll just charge 800% and make a freaking fortune!

**I wasn't even going anywhere.***

*** That was just random.


I have just been informed by council that pyramid schemes are illegal, shame on you Tom Bosley, shame on you.

"Girls are always waiting on some "magic" plan that a guy is supposed to have to keep them from having to watch reruns of Happy Days.

I think it comes from staring at Unicorn Posters as a kid. One thing I will never allow in my house , around or near a future daughter of mine is posters of Unicorns or Leprechauns. But there will be plenty of old DVD's of Happy Days. Fonzie was pretty cool. And a girl could do worse than end up with a solid citizen like Richie. I know Ralph the Mouth was annoying, but he was insecure and he had a good heart. Potsie would have been real fun at Karaoke!" $$$$

But not as "Random" as that, huh??--@@@@

@@@@-Part of an actual email I sent to a girl, is it any wonder that I have not been laid this year?

# of Leprechauns jokes I have told in the past 24 hours......4

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