Saturday, March 11, 2006

Who said it could rain?

143 Days. A promise from SATAN. This all bullshit. My Volvo is floating in more water than a Fat Tuesday's left over float in New Orleans.

I wake at 4 am to find water falling out of the sky. I thought it just came out of the pipes in my shower. I am not sure about all this wet stuff, but I hear it's actually snowing in Scottsdale.

It took me 3 attempts at taping plastic garbage bags to the outside before I came up placing it in the door well and shutting the door to keep the rain out. That solution came at 2pm and after a very unrestful sleep.



Anonymous said...

Well, at that shit a bitch!
-La Isla

foxxxylove said...

That is the gayest pic of Tom Cruise I've ever seen!

romiustexis said...

Isa, you're right it sucked.

Foxxy, watch yourself, tom is not gay! (Not even a reach around)