Friday, March 31, 2006

The Plot To Seize The White House.

What a fantastic find! I located a digitized version of the Jules Archer book about the Plot to overthrow FDR. This book has been on my wish list for years but is very expensive. A used copy runs at 299 dollars according to Amazon and collectible editions can run into the thousands. I figured I would never own a book like this. Luckily a "tinfoiler" conspiracy nut has placed it available to all.

If you are not familiar with the big buisness attempt at a coup d'eta go here to the good folks at Wiki or if you are really feeling up to it Daily Kos has a rather lengthy treatment. If I has still been working at my old job I would have prited out the two hundred pages or so, now I guess I will just have to suffer through the eye strain caused by the computer monitor.

The Plot To Seize The White House:

"I located and purchased a copy of this 1973 first and only printing of this book. It cost me hundreds of dollars. Since it is rare and unavailable, and since it documents an essential episode in American history, I have endeavored to digitize in HTML and Word.

I have run across a rumour or two stating that there are interests who would have this book suppressed. Therefore, I implore any of you who come across this posting to grab a copy of the HTML or Word document or both and stash it for safekeeping and post it yourself if you have a forum. Because I am in tinfoil hat mode here, I wish to see a viral replication of this book so that these unseen forces will be frustrated. And, yes, because I am in tinfoil hat mode I'm expecting some trouble. I will be more than happy to be wrong about that. I had heard that at least one other indie publisher re-published this book, but they no longer list it, either.

It is my and your public duty to make sure that the American people see just how close the United States came to becoming a Fascist state. It is also instructive to note the relationships between the power principals of that time (1933-34), and note how little things have changed. Government, media, banks, big business, and the military - it is a familiar tale. Vigilance is more important than ever."

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Anonymous said...

A Plot to Seize the White House is back in print!!! You can easily find copies of it again (at least for now).