Thursday, May 18, 2006

Police discover sex slave cult based on Gor series of books

I discovered the world of Gor in of all places my 10th grade high school library. Had they know reading it could lead me to this:

BBC NEWS UK Police discover sex slave cult

I don't think my high school librarian would have chosen the book for inclusion in my public school library.

Dungeons & Dragons was all the rage at the time, so I think the librarians must have thought the books were a harmless and dumb downed version of Tolkien.

The actual plot involves UFO's from a counter-earth kidnapping young hot girls "who just want to go wild' and forcing them to become chattel on a planet that is eerily reminiscent of Conan the Barbarian (maybe that's where Arnie get's it from.) I am sure our librarians did not know the books were actually primers for Sado-masochism, misogyny, and cultism.

But it is one thing to read about a bizarre-sex counter Earth, it is quite another to have the balls to create such a paradise here on Earth. Go to this link for a cult-watch explanation of how the Gor 'world' has taken a life of it's own. Who could have guessed that a bunch of role playing nerds would try it out for themselves.

Best quote from the book and the line all my female sex partners are required to recite : "Slave-Rape me again , Master!"


Anonymous said...

such a shallow mind, the books are no different then vampire stories they are marked non-fiction they simply are a story that a man wrote based on a primitive world that in essence is far superior to what we have allowed ours to be. Maybe if men and woman remembered their places this world would not have become the mess that it has become. How people take the books and role play them can be done both in a positive respectful way or in a negitive way... thats human nature. ((should the library of taken out all the star trek stories? what about the people that role play those out?)) grow up a bit and open your mind, you might see where your true place is in the chain of natural Human Order.... :))

Romius T. said...

Wait, First off I admire any one who starts a cult and makes money or bangs bitches because of it. Second my bull doesn't let me read anything anymore, i just get to watch videos of him fucking my wife.